About us

The PrimedIO Personalizer and PrimedIO Tracker are being developed in the heart of the Dutch media industry, the [Media Park in Hilversum](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Park_(Hilversum). This is the home a large number of Dutch broadcasters and media companies, and is the headquarters of the national public broadcasting organization NPO.

We’re dedicated to helping organizations and companies of all sizes to create personalized customer experiences seamlessly across web, mobile, in-store analytics and websites.


We believe that personalization is about understanding your clients as individuals (not segments or focus groups, etc), their context (time of day, location), their mood and your business. We believe that no one will better understand your business than you do. And, we believe that a single recommender cannot describe human behavior perfectly. PrimedIO empowers your data scientists to create and update multimodal recommendation models and bring these into production in real-time.


We encourage anyone to join the PrimedIO community and pitch in with pull requests, bug reports and feature requests to make PrimedIO even more awesome.

Working at PrimedIO

We’re alway on the lookout for smart, talented and motivated people that love to work on products and understand real-world problems and how to solve them in the best possible way. If you would love to join our team and work on PrimedIO and related products, please get in touch!


You can contact us here