Feature list

PrimedIO ensures models make it from the data scientist to the end-user (sonsumer) in real time. Thus, PrimedIO is a real time personalization delivery platform.

“Personalization is all about relevance, and realizing that the definition of relevance is different for every individual and context.”

Core features

  • Fast, Low-latency output
  • Familiar REST API lets your developers integrate PrimedIO in your existing big data architecture and consumer facing outlets
  • Integrated security and privacy
  • Ability to blend the output of multiple models by user-defined weights

Why blend models?

  • Accuracy: Different permutations of inputs may be best captured using various modelling techniques
  • Transparency: The end-user prefers to know how certain content presentations came to be: e.g. “This item is recommended to you because you saw XYZ”
  • Performance evaluation/adjustment: By blending models at the very last step (delivery), performance evaluation can easily assess which model components work best, or need adjustment.
  • Non-statistical models: Make a hybrids of statistical models and Non-statistical models like random seeds, staff picks, season picks, breaking news

What next?