Software Engineer Internship

Think you can handle impacting millions of people every day?

At PrimedIO, we’re passionate about creating unique online experiences tailored to the individual user. We serve international players in the media industry, e-commerce and travel industry by delighting their users with unexpected and appealing content displayed in a customized dynamic user interface. Our software is used to make users happy by improving relevancy and thus improve customer retention and customer lifetime value. If that excites you, we’d love for you to join us.

The Role

Software Engineers at PrimedIO build software at scale to transform how organizations around the world use data. As a Software Engineer, you’ll contribute high-quality code to PrimedIO behavioral tracking or PrimedIO personalization delivery: products that are deployed to the important media and e-commerce companies in Europe. You’ll build features used by data scientist, data engineers, business analysts, and economic forecasters, in countries around the world.

PrimedIO’s Product Development organization is made up of a small team of Software Engineers. Software Engineers are involved throughout the product lifecycle, from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution, and shipping. As a Software Engineer, you’ll collaborate closely with technical and non-technical counterparts to understand our customers’ problems and build products that solve them. We think the best way to understand what our users need is to meet them, so regularly, you’ll tour the passenger’s baggage line or join a data science team to really understand their mission and their pain points.

It doesn’t matter what languages you know when you join us, but it does matter that you can write clean, effective code and learn new languages quickly. Our software is constantly evolving, so we need engineers who can do the same. Alongside peers who bring diverse experience — startup founders, industry veterans, university TAs, and more — you’ll build your skillset to apply the best technology to solve a given problem. Right now, we use:

  • A variety of languages, including Java and Python for back end and Javascript for front end
  • Open-source technologies like Neo4J, Spark, ElasticSearch, React, and Redux
  • Industry-standard build tooling, including Kubernetes, Docker, and Gitlab

Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur or an engineering leader, we believe PrimedIO is the best place — with the best colleagues — to learn how. You’ll learn how to unpack a problem and understand the costs and consequences of its solution. You’ll learn new technologies and languages, and even develop them yourself. You’ll work autonomously and make decisions independently, within a community that will support and challenge you as you grow and develop.

What We Value

  • Must be planning on graduating in 2020
  • Strong engineering background in fields such as Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering, and Physics
  • Advanced-level Computer Science coursework, including in algorithms and data structures; experience with Java and/or web technologies a plus
  • Familiarity with data structures, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, front-end frameworks, and other technical tools
  • Strong coder with demonstrated proficiency in programming languages, such as Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, or similar languages
  • Ability to collaborate and empathize with a variety of individuals. You can iterate with users and non-technical stakeholders and understand how your technical decisions impact them
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and work independently and make decisions with minimal supervision
  • A desire to work on software that can change the world and a passion for creating intuitive, scalable products that augment our users’ ability to work with data


Shoot us an email in which you tell us about your favorite project or proudest accomplishment and why you want to work at PrimedIO. Don't forget to include your resume.

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