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Tracking, AI delivery, analytics and more, on top of rock-solid servers and APIs. Optional data science consulting available.

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Consistent features, endless possibilities.

We’ll customize your chosen plan to your unique business needs and data science requirements.

Bespoke pricing, billed monthly with yearly discounts.

SaaSPrivate Cloud
Behavioral trackingyesyes
Prediction deliveryyesyes
Advanced A/B testingyesyes
PrimedIO AdminGUIyesyes
Reporting and insightsyesyes
Latency guaranteesyesyes
Uptime guarantees (SLA 99.5%)*yesno
24x7 supportyesyes
Access to latest stable releaseyesyes
Access to bleeding edge releasenoyes
Direct consult with the makersnoyes
AI Pipeline as a servicenoyes
Direct event and log accessnoyes
AI Pipeline monitoringnoyes
Authentication using Active Directorynoyes
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* Since our software will be running on your own cloud platform, we don’t have full control over the environment and therefore can’t provide uptime guarantees.

Need data science expertise?

Consulting partners tracking

If you’re looking to complement your data science modeling, algos and skill-set, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our handpicked partners, or let us do the honors after we’ve scheduled a demo at your premises.

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Questions We Get Asked A Lot

No, we do not offer algorithms or models. We strongly believe that the only way to successfully deploy machine learning applications is by combining domain expertise with statistical modeling. In other words, we don’t know your business well enough to model it for you.

However, should you need a hand with data science, modeling and algorithm expertise, we can connect you to trusted consulting partners. Upon discussing your business needs, we can provide suggestions as to what types of models and statistics you may likely need.

Absolutely not. You’re in control, and you’re free as a bird! Your data, prediction models and expertise stay with you, as it should be. Client libraries (including the tracking component) are open source (Apache 2.0 license) and the delivery system works via standard REST.

If you want to incorporate your own tracking, delivery or analytics components, you can do so easily. And if at any time you want to switch providers, you won’t be tied into our architecture.

Yes you can. The tracking and delivery services are complementary, but can function separately without loss of functionality. In fact, one of our key advantages is being able to accommodate any business use case, architecture and data science practice - including blended AI and list-based models. Therefore, the platform is highly compatible with most existing and custom solutions.

Still, using our tracking component and the delivery component together makes for a smoother ride.