A/B to Multivariate Testing: A Tale of Bias

A/B to multivariate testing: a tale of bias

Recently one of our customers presented us with a finding that our multivariate testing framework can be prone to bias under certain circumstances. I believe this type of bias is not unique to our system, but much more prevalent. In all these cases, reported model driven personalisation performance will be unreliable. In this article we’ll dive in and …

The Best Way to Organise Your Data Science Team

Here’s what works when your company’s data literacy increases

A few months ago, my friend Tim took a lead data science job at a media company that is transforming into a data driven company. He’s one of the best data scientists I know, but soon after starting, he emailed me to say he was struggling.

“We built a recommendation algorithm,” Tim said. “It works well, but no one in the company is …

Delivering Predictive Models to Make Value From Data Science

Delivering predictive models to customer facing outlets is hard. On the one hand the system should avoid stifling the data scientists’ creative thinking, whilst at the same time maintain SLA’s on performance and reliability. This article discusses two approaches to implementing such a system.

The previous article outlined what a delivery system is, and what it should do. This article will dive …

Why You're Not Getting Value From Data Science

Here’s how to have impact by delivering your machine learning models to the business

*Predictive models are powerful tools that can benefit business in many ways, but not when all they do is sitting in Data Scientists’ laptops. Deployment to production, or delivery, of these models is vital to impacting business.*

This article is the first of a series of two and explains what we mean by …

Primed 2.0 is out

It has been a long run, with a lot of commits, issues, contributions & fun!

Primed is a 1:1 personalization framework. Bring relevance to your customers, boost conversion, and reduce churn using our easy to use personalisation delivery platform.

Primed delivering recommendations using a “similar to this” algorithm by RTL
Primed delivering recommendations using a “similar to this” algorithm by RTL